Presentation to Eden Prairie Parks & Rec Commission

At 7:00pm on August 3rd, 2015, representatives from the Southwest Metro Pickleball Club will be speaking before the Eden Prairie Parks & Rec Commission to update them on the status of pickleball since the last report in 2010. Discussion will also include requests for additional venues for play as well as repairs to current venues.
The meeting will be held in the council chambers at the Eden Prairie City Hall at 8080 Mitchell Road. Please attend to show support for the club (board members will be conducting the presentation).

Miracle-Ear Pickleball Tournament Deadline – Sign-up by July 30!

Don’t miss it!  Register now for Minnesota’s nationally-sanctioned USAPA Miracle Ear Pickleball Tournament coming up just days away on August 7th and 8th.  The tournament will be played on 18 refurbished, like-new courts at Dred Scott Fields in Bloomington, MN, with more than 200 players expected to compete.

NEW and BEGINNING PLAYERS are especially welcome as we need more of you. We can also help you find partners if needed. No stress, just sign up and HAVEFUN!

The Miracle Ear Tournament will include men’s, women’s and mixed doubles and is open to all skill levels from 2.5 to 5.0. New this year will be brackets for age 19+, 35+ and separate five-year increment age brackets for ages from 50+ to 70+. Cost of the tournament is $30 for the first event and $5 for a second event with $5 discounts available for USAPA members and Southwest Metro Pickleball Club members.

The Miracle Ear Tournament is a USAPA Tier 3 Sanctioned Event and this year’s tournament will be bigger and better than ever with new courts, improved court-management software, super-funky new player shirts, a larger lunch and a great “meet and greet” party Thursday night, August 6, at Poor Richard’s Restaurant in Bloomington, MN, including great door prizes for attendees. A new, custom Paddletek Element paddle will also be available to purchase at thetournament.

The year’s tournament is also focused on providing more trained and incentivised refs who will be rewarded with a very good chance to win one of three custom Paddletek Element paddles valued at $65.

Register for the Miracle Ear Tournament by going to  for a registration form or by simply going online to to register and pay.

Results For 2015 July 4th Tournament

Tournament photos can be see in the photo gallery, or by clicking here.

Men’s Doubles
3.0 all ages
Gold…Scott Meyer, John Peters(IA)
Silver…Steve Smith, Ted Paulus
Bronze…Bob Webster, Stan Mustanski

3.5 35+
Gold…Gary Thomsen, Joe Benolken
Silver…Scott Schreier, Mohamed Ali
Bronze…Bob Korn, Mark Ottum

3.5 65+
Gold…Jeff Conradi, Al Kramer
Silver…Ron Haines, Tony Linn(SD)
Bronze…Rick Fabing, Anwer Hussian
Consolation Champion…Ron Lucas, Terry Allen

4.5 all ages
Gold…Jerry Peterson, Dave Warner
Silver…Skip Houghton, John Mitchell
Bronze…Rick Johnson, Brian Astbury

5.0 all ages
Gold…Ben Alm, Rob Schmidt
Silver…Del Kaus, Bob Stein
Bronze…Byron Freso(FL), Bill Propert(VA)

Women’s Doubles
2.5 all ages
Gold…Judi Fabing, Lynn Zilmkowski
Silver …Wanda Palmer, Jackie Peters(IA)
Bronze…Lorilee Olson, Liz Anderson

3.0 all ages
Gold…Deb Waldin, Dianna St. Aubin
Silver…CJ Williams, Diane Pensinger
Bronze…Jill Gallaher, Linda Hoffer

3.5 all ages
Gold…Bridget McMullen, Julie David
Sliver…Lillian Palmer(TX), Betty Carlson
Bronze…Jane Goke, Anne Lewis(TX)

4.0 all ages
Gold…Cindy Miller, Julia Yang
Silver…Adriana Astbury, Gail Benolken
Bronze…Diane Reynolds(FL), Gail Brown(FL)

5.0 all ages
Gold…Linda Kauss, Rachael Kroog
Silver… Carol Lindow, Jackie Faegre
Bronze…Pam Cecchini, Marsha Freso(FL)

Mixed Doubles
2.5 all ages
Gold…Jackie Peters(IA), John Peters(IA)
Silver…Judi Fabing, Wayne Simacek
Bronze…Robin Jones, John Flick

3.0 all ages
Gold…Kelly Sherry, Neeko McLemore
Silver…Sue Meyer, Scott Meyer
Bronze…Kay Weiss, Roger Eklund
Consolation Champion…Susan Standafer, Don Pyatt

3.5 under 65
Gold…Adriana Astbury, Ian Astbury
Silver…Gail Benolken, Joe Benolken,
Bronze…Patty Evans, Paul Zelubowski

3.5/4.0 65+ Division A
Gold…Anne Lewis(TX), Tony Linn(SD)
Silver…Betty Carlson, Ron Haines
Bronze…Diane Reynolds(FL), Alan Peterson

3.5/4.0 65+ Division B
Gold…Lillian Palmer(TX), Ron Lucas
Silver…Deb Waldin, Jeff Conradi
Bronze…Phyllis Mrachek, John Mrachek

5.0 all ages
Gold…Marsha Freso(FL), Rob Schmidt
Silver…Linda Kauss, Del Kauss
Bronze…Rachael Kroog, Brian Astbury