“Pickleball in no time”

Learn the fundamentals of Pickleball, fast!
Coach: Dean Rudrud

  • Proper grip is critical
  • Fundamentals of good strokes, get ready, the turn
  • A consistent serve leads to good strokes
  • How to volley for success
  • How to hit your overhead and effective lobs
  • Everyone can move better, we will show you how
  • Understanding the scoring, rules and culture of pickleball

Each 90-minute class is $20, or register for the entire three-week series for $50.

Session #1 – Monday, October 23rd, October 30th, November 6th, 10:00am-11:30am

Session #2 – Wednesday, October 25th, November 1st, November 8th, 10:00am-11:30am

Week 1: Stroke correctly, from the beginning. Learn to serve well. “High hands” are the key to good volleys. Play practice games.
Week 2: Review strokes, volleys and serve. Introduce the overhead and lobs.
Week 3: Review strokes, volley, serve and overhead. Practice games, scoring, and learning the rules.

This teaching series will get you off to a great start, to playing better pickleball. If you have been playing a while, and you are not satisfied with your skills, this fundamental series will help you to become the player you know you can be.

To register, contact Paul Olson at [email protected]

‘Twas a dark and stormy morning…

but we would not be denied! Today was the end-of-season picnic for the SW Metro Pickleball Club’s Summer Ladder League. In spite of a morning of continuous rainfall, a small army descended on Pioneer Park around 1:30 this afternoon, towels in hand, and by 2:30, we were playing pickleball.

After mopping up the courts, a variety of potluck foods were shared, and then we played some pickleball, a rapid-fire “three strikes” last-man-standing rally. The final four (all winning medals) were Mo Ali (silver), Joey Wagner (gold), Keith Randklev (gold), and Cindy Ronin (silver).

Trophies were also awarded to the overall league winners:

Daytime league:

  • Joe Benolken (gold)
  • Dianna St.Aubin (silver)
  • Sandy DeZellar (bronze)

Weekend/evening league:

  • Mo Ali (gold)
  • Howard Greenspan (silver)
  • Amy Lofdahl (bronze)

Congratulations winners!