Bloomington Westwood Courts Uppdate

Good news, we finally have a project under construction at Westwood Park in Bloomington. It has been a long hard road getting to this point.

The work started way back when Jim Klaseus was first getting pickleball started by lining courts with chalk while working on the city to paint lines.

That progressed to the city finally seeing a glimmer of light about the popularity of pickleball. They took it upon themselves to design and build a three pickleball/one tennis lined for pickleball complex that opened Aug 2011.

Being the first dedicated pickleball courts, it served as the site for our second club tournament the next month.  Very quickly it became apparent the courts we woefully under built for demand, with the east/west orientation of the pickleball courts adding to the problem.

So the quest for a larger complex was soon started. With Jerry Maas and Jim Klaseus we spent time with tape measures figuring out what we could do with all that space. We produced a rudimentary drawing, and from that rudimentary drawing Rae Hansen put her background to work producing a site plan we presented to the city. They responded favorably, and we were on to the next phase of how to convince the city they needed it.

That built up to the point where our dedicated team of Jim Klaseus, Deanne Turja, Jeff Conradi, Deb Waldin, Ken Miaymoto, Denny Daniels, Bev and Dale Throndson composed a petition and obtained 400 signatures in support. This was presented to Park & Rec who included it in a report about the state of Tennis and Pickleball to the City Council. That report led to the City Council approving a site plan in 2017 and finally funding the current project in 2018.

Now after ONLY 7 years ground is broken for an eight dedicated pickleball court/tennis court lined for four temporary courts complex. Hurray!