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2018 Schooner Days Tournament Results & Photos

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. That’s how the song goes, right?

In the case of our Schooner Days event, it was the players going away and coming back another day. That’s right, Mother Nature won the day, with relentless rain showers forcing the final few games to be played indoors, and all Mixed Doubles events to take place the following day. Just to keep things interesting, day two was plagued by strong gusty winds that made for some interesting play!

Click the image below to see more photos from the event:

2018 Schooner Days Tournament

Medal winners from all brackets:

Mens Doubles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles 3.5,3.0 Mike Gerhardt-Boon Tan Keith Erickson-James Anker Thomas St. Aubin-Rick Fabing
Mens Doubles 4.0 Pool A The Menace Gallaher-Scott Schreier Steve Cook-Joe Jensen James Baer-David Duhaime
Mens Doubles 4.0 Pool B Tory Stellick-Champ Ali Joel Rochlin-Bob Pacieznik Eric Wong-William Sullivan
Mens Doubles 5.0,4.5 Jerry Peterson-Brian Astbury J.t. Giebel-George Tomlinson Arun Balakrishna-Andre Espindola
Mixed Doubles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles 3.5,3.0 – Pool A Sam Hawks-Sam Thompson Ann Leiter-Tracy McKibben Kay Weiss-Jerry Vollmer
Mixed Doubles 3.5,3.0 – Pool B Karen Francis-Blayne Saari Christine Dean-Bob Shutes Karen Steinhoff-Steve Schmitz
Mixed Doubles 3.5,3.0 – Pool C Bridget McMullin-Rick Fabing Joey Wagner-Grant Wagner Bev Greenagel-Gary Cunningham
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Pool A Beth Amlie-The Menace Gallaher Nancy Engasser-Mark Engasser Liz Dubisar-Keith Randklev
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Pool B Sarah Saari-Dan Gregg Taylor Uhl-David Uhl Kren McManus-Kevin Butcher
Womens Doubles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles 3.0 Lori Wolf-Deb Angell Debra Lind-Connie Hauswirth Barb Schreier-Kathleen Kelly
Womens Doubles 3.5 Pool A Taylor Uhl-JoEllen Uhl Liz Dubisar-Kristy Reardan Cindy Orbeck-Sue Standafer
Womens Doubles 3.5 Pool B Bridget McMullin-Dianna St Aubin Tina Rosenquist-Sandy Cashman Abby Wilkinson-Marcia Wilkinson
Womens Doubles 5.0,4.5,4.0 Joey Wagner-Linda Kloeckner Valerie MacLeod-Beth Amlie Sarah Saari-Kren McManus

Full results available at


Photos from the 8th annual “Miracle Ear” tournament

Thanks to the official tournament photographer Jerry Maas and a few others, we have a large collection of photos to share with you from last weekend’s tournament.

If you have photos from the tournament that you would like to share as well, feel free to add them to the photo album, or send them to Tracy McKibben at [email protected].