Board Members

Dennis Gallaher – President

Dennis “The Menace” Gallaher is a resident of Eden Prairie who retired from the advertising agency business in February 2014 and has played pickleball since July of 2013. He has a background in business management, print and online media planning, public relations and creative execution which should be beneficial in promoting our club and events. Dennis’ wife, Jill is also an avid pickleball player and club member.

Nancy Devitt – Secretary

I have been playing pickleball for 6 years, primarily in Eden Prairie. I am a voice for all the members who think of themselves as “average” and appreciate the inclusivity that SWMPB fosters. Professionally, I retired from a 32-year career as a planner for Hennepin County in the human services area. I will use my planning and organizational skills to support the club’s growth and enhance our influence in the recreation resource decisions made by local government bodies in the southwest suburbs

Bruce Boje – Treasurer

I was born and raised in Waseca, MN. I am married to Joyce and we have two sons. My education led to a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota. After being drafted by the army, I served as a clarinet player in two army bands. Before retirement, I was employed as a traffic engineering consultant. I specialized in using computer tools to optimize traffic signal coordination.

I’ve played pickleball for three years. Besides pickleball, I am a serious and experienced duplicate bridge player. I once played bridge for 2.5 hours against Warren Buffet at a national bridge tournament in Las Vegas. I also enjoy working with computers and solving Sudoku puzzles.

David Allan – At Large

David Allan was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to the US in 1964. In the past, he has played table tennis and badminton at high levels so when he discovered pickleball two years ago it was a natural fit.

In 2013 David teamed with Nancy Miller to develop a league that plays on Tuesdays at Williston (Minnetonka) and Thursdays at Chanhassen Rec Center. It has met with great success and its fall league is underway now.

David and his wife, Joanne have three kids and eight grandchildren and live in Minnetonka.
He is honored to be a member of the Board of the SWMP Club.

Dianna St. Aubin

Married. Husband, Tom, a fellow pickleball player. We have two children and five grandchildren. I have lived in Richfield for 43 years and have been playing pickleball for three years. I thoroughly enjoy the social aspects of the game and have been blessed with many new friends. When I first began playing, I was most fortunate to have had so many Southwest members who followed the mantra of “giving back” by taking the time to instruct and drill me in the finer points of the game. I have followed that same mantra as an instructor and would appreciate the opportunity to continue in a different capacity as a member of the board.