Deanne (Dee) Turja Honored at Luncheon

For Dee Turja, Pickleball is all about fun! So it was only natural that she was surrounded by a crowd of noisy, loud, fun-loving fellow pickleball players who came to recognize Dee and Ed for all the behind-the-scenes work they do for us at the Armory and Westwood.

In 2005 she saw an article in the Bloomington paper about Pickleball and along with Jim Klaseus, was one of the first to get PB going in the area. Supporting her all the way is her husband, Ed, who willingly takes on the task of lugging the storage box from Westwood to the Armory.

She likes competitive play but mostly it’s an activity she looks forward to playing with other fun-loving people who don’t take the sport too seriously. It’s a great way to stay active, but you’re having so much fun, you don’t even think of it as exercise!

Her words of wisdom after twelve years of play are to remember good sportsmanship by always treating others as you would like to be treated and do the right thing remembering that we were all beginners at one time.

Asked if she has any advice for beginners, she says when a more advanced player tells you to do something such as “Get to the Net!” – do it!! It’ll make a huge difference in your game. Many of us who learned PB at the Armory recall Dee trying to keep us in line!

What moves Dee most is seeing the concern that fellow pickleball players have for each other. When someone takes a tumble, players on all courts immediately stop and offer help. It’s that camaraderie and concern for others that she hopes defines this addictive, fun game.

Thank you, Dee, for all you’ve done to grow Pickleball in our community and you’ve done it with a smile and a laugh!