Great Club Tourney Held September 22-23!

We had a great turnout at the new Westwood, Bloomington courts, and a break in the deluge giving us beautiful weather for our First Annual SW Metro Pickleball Club Tournament. There were 55 teams competing over two days, and a great time was had by all.

We had the future of our club playing in the team of Elijah Conradi (14) and Jake Ballentine (13). Hopefully next year they will bring all their friends. Five teams of Beginners also joined us for the event. They had spirited competition, and a lot of fun while they learned the ropes.

Check out the winners and plan to come next year. It will be even bigger and better!

  • Beginner: Virginia Bergstrom/Martha Ruddy
  • Intermediate A Women’s: Quyen Lam/Pam Reimer
  • Intermediate A Men’s: David Marks/Tom Swanson
  • Intermediate A Mixed: Bella Boudreau/Eli Peterson
  • Intermediate B Mixed: Laura Bruch/Jim Renich
  • Advanced Intermediate A Women’s: Dianna St Aubin/Bridget McMullen
  • Advanced Intermediate A Men’s: Bob Alexander/Dave Witcraft
  • Advanced intermediate A Mixed: Taylor Uhl/Mohamed Ali
  • Advanced intermediate B Mixed: Dianna St Aubin/Chris Pajak
  • Advanced A Men’s: Ian Astbury/Brian Astbury
  • Advanced A Mixed: Jackie Faegre/John Mitchell
  • Advanced B Men’s: Jay Weisser/Ted Simmons