Paddle Reviews – Prince Spectrum Pro Composite

NOTE: Many thanks to PickleballCentral, who is providing a different paddle to our Club each month for review on our web site. The review is good information for our Club members and is not to be construed as an endorsement by the Club.

Review: Prince Spectrum Pro Composite
By Dennis Gallaher

The Prince Spectrum Pro Composite is a light to medium weight pickleball paddle with a definitely unique design. It features a slightly larger, more rounded and thicker body than most other paddles on the market. It felt comfortable in my hand when I picked it up and performed at least as well as the Paddletek Tempest I’ve currently been using.

Perhaps because of its slightly larger design and seemingly larger sweet spot, this paddle demonstrated excellent touch and control allowing me to dink and control my shots very easily and accurately. It has a good feel, and the slightly thicker design also provided all the stiffness and power I needed to put shots away easily and control my volleys. It also seems to be a little quieter than other paddles.

The thing I liked the most about this paddle is the way it feels when I strike the ball, very solid and controlled but not overpowering. It’s thicker design makes it very stiff yet it is not heavy, making it very easy to get to volleys and other shots quickly. It also worked well for defensive volleys where I needed to take power off a hard hit ball.

This paddle would be a good choice for beginner, intermediate and expert players. The quality is definitely apparent. It is a higher end paddle, retailing at $148.99 but well worth it.

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