New web site

Wet paint

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely already aware that we have a new web site! Take a look around and see what we’ve done so far. A word of caution however – the paint is still wet, some things are incomplete or missing, and much of what you see is subject to change.

As the site matures, you will find many exciting new features, all designed to keep you in contact with the club, the sport of pickleball, and your fellow pickleball players.

In addition to a shiny new web site, we also have new social media accounts! You can find us on Facebook by clicking here, and on Twitter as @SWMetroPB. If you’re on either of those platforms, follow us!

As always, we welcome your feedback!

P.S. – if you’re looking for something from the old web site, it’s still available at We’re not quite ready to pull the plug on it yet.

December 2014 Ratings Clinic


On Dec 2 we held a very successful Rating Clinic at the Bloomington Armory. There were two sessions that rated a total of 24 people. We received many verbal and written comments about how well it was done. Many of these people are now attending drills to work on improving their skills based on what they learned.
We hope to continue these sessions over the winter, but there are some challenges getting enough raters for the Jan date. More information will follow as soon as possible.