Recap of Annual Meeting, Sept 30

The Annual Meeting of the Southwest Metro Pickleball Club was held Friday, September 30 at the Chanhassen Rec Center. The meeting included a fun club mixer beforehand, club overview and benefits, volunteer request, treasurers report, tournament recaps, introduction of community representatives and strategic planning discussion. Legends Member and Club Member of the Year awards were presented to John Barber and Karen Swanson—congrats! Important new strategic planning will include a survey of members to be emailed in the near future. The following Board members are returning or were elected at the meeting.

Dennis Gallaher

Jeff Conradi

Al Kramer

Bruce Boje

Dave Allan

Merdedith Anderson

Bob Campbell

3 thoughts on “Recap of Annual Meeting, Sept 30”

  1. The ratio of men to women on the board concerns me. …six men & one woman!?! I would like to suggest the board look at the gender of the membership and have the same ratios apply to the seats on the board. C.J. Peterson

  2. The club bylaws require the board to nominate a slate of candidates for election to the board at the annual meeting. Members are also invited to nominate candidates for election if the candidate has agreed to run. Board members are elected for a two year term and can run for reelection one time for a total of four years. The board looks for candidates that are willing to serve and attempts to find candidates that represent most of our communities. We have also considered gender in our nomination process.

    The board nominated two women and one man for election at the annual meeting in 2015. The board nominated one woman and one man for the 2016 election. The board has nominated three women and two men over the last two years. There was no gender bias of the nominations.

    The lack of gender balance on the board resulted when two women decided to step down and not complete their second year of service.

    Members may wish to suggest future board member nominations. The suggestion of a qualified woman from Bloomington would receive strong consideration.

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