South West Metro Pickleball – First Annual Club Championship Tournament

The Westwood courts are almost ready – ARE YOU?!

Find your favorite paddle, pick a partner and practice your dinks: It’s time for Southwest Metro Pickleball’s First Annual Club Championship Tournament! This members-only tournament will be held in a Round Robin format and will be arranged by age and skill level.

Location: Westwood Park Courts (3701 W 108th St, Bloomington, MN 55431)

Dates: Saturday, September 22nd (Men’s, Women’s, and Beginners) and Sunday, September 23rd (Mixed)

Check-in will take place at 8:00am on both days of the tournament.

For information on the age and skill breakdown, please see below:

(Please note that groups will be modified as needed to fit registrations)

Age Groups:

Play Groups:

12-49 Beginner
50-59 Intermediate
60-69 Advanced Intermediate




Interested in competing? Register by email at: [email protected] OR register in person with John Barber or any Board Member.

Players in all groups except Beginner must sign up as a team. When registering, please submit your contact information and skill level. When determining skill level, please use your new USAPA rating (please include all 4 numbers). If you are not a USAPA member, use your SW Metro Pickleball Club rating as listed on the web site. If you have an issue with that level please contact Jeff Conradi at [email protected].

If you do not have a Club rating, determine the skill level of the group you play with most often, and register with that information.

Are you new to Pickleball or competitive play? Don’t worry! This tournament will be a fun, low pressure opportunity to test the waters. The beginner’s group will be all players combined in one group. You can register as a team or as an individual. We will make every attempt to find everyone a partner.