After years of dedicated effort by many club members, our vision for new dedicated pickleball courts in Eden Prairie has become a reality.

The nets and windscreens were installed on Thursday morning and we are ready to play! Jill and Dennis broke in one court with a couple games of skinny singles. They play great!

The bricks are gorgeous with a center brick dedicating the new courts to our beloved Jerry Maas who did so much to help us get these courts built. Thanks Jerry, we love you man! And Jerry’s wonderful wife, Carol was there just after completion of the courts for a timely photo op.

Once all the amenities are complete, we’ll have a grand, Grand Opening! See you on the new courts!

One thought on “Staring Lake – THE COURTS ARE OPEN!”

  1. Played there this morning and I can’t compliment SWMPB enough for it’s leadership in getting this done. It was so much fun seeing everyone and facilities are top-notch.

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