SW Metro Pickleball Club Executive Board Positions

Dear Club Members:

All current Club members are invited to be considered for a position on our Executive Board. Our Club has several Executive Board members retiring this year as Board members are limited to two, consecutive, two-year terms. Of the seven positions on our Board, there will be five new available positions. Nancy Devitt and Dianna St. Aubin will return. Board elections will be held at our Club Annual Meeting in late September. Our current Board will recommend a slate of candidates, however all Club members may be considered and run for the vacant positions.

This is your chance to be considered for our Board, or you can nominate another Club member who has agreed to serve. A key position will be Treasurer so we need a good, qualified candidate for this position if you have financial experience and/or skills. Also, a new Board president and vice-president(s) will be chosen by the new Board members after the elections. Good job descriptions for these positions can be found in our Bylaws on our web site under Members Only, Article III, Section D.

We have been very successful as a Club, but we do need to move forward with a strong, qualified Executive Board. Please email Dennis Gallaher, [email protected] if you would like to be considered for the Board, or nominate another member. Potential Board members will meet with the Board on August 22 for more details on the positions and for a brief interview.

Best wishes,
SW Metro Pickleball Club